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Warewashing is a major backbone of your business, so any interruption in its efficiency or operation can create a great deal of unnecessary stress. We offer two decades worth of expertise and tailored programs to meet your specific needs so you and your business can be successful.

At Sani-Servant, we can help determine and design the right warewashing system for your needs.

What is warewashing?

Warewashing refers to the act of collecting and washing any kitchenware items used in the preparation, serving, or storing food. Common kitchenware items include pans, cutlery, flatware, glasses, serving pans, trays, and anything else that encounters food products. The warewashing process includes everything from gathering dirty items, scraping excess debris to cleaning and rinsing. It even includes the important step of sanitizing, which occurs after washing.

Warewashing comes in different forms too such as manual warewashing when you wash dishes by hand or machine warewashing when you use equipment to get the job done. More specific machine warewashing include cabinet style warewashing, continuous motion warewashing, scalable warewashing and non-scalable warewashing.

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